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** change all concat $ map to concatMap and sequence $ map to
** sdist probably doesn't look in the right place, doesn't put in the
files for executables
......@@ -13,25 +10,13 @@
** what other preprocessors can't unlit?
** several solutions to above problem:
-- remember the source files to remove somehow
-- move them into place first, then preprocess them, leave source
files there (depends on answer to below)
-- preprocess them, and put them in place in the new
location. best solution, but not set up well for that right now,
since we concat together the entire filename (including module name)
** is cpp ever run yet?
** for a source tarball:?
- include the unpreprocessed sources...
- if there's a flag, --include-preprocessed-sources (or something
better) run the preprocessing phase and include both the
unpreprocessed and the preprocessed sources in the source tarball?
** if the config file isn't there, output a better error message.
** clarify description filename issues
- allow foo.hsproj?
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