Commit 60f5c213 authored by ijones's avatar ijones
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fixed tests for new A location

parent 4be52366
...@@ -99,7 +99,7 @@ checkTargetDir targetDir suffixes ...@@ -99,7 +99,7 @@ checkTargetDir targetDir suffixes
tests :: [Test] tests :: [Test]
tests = [TestLabel "configure GHC, sdist" $ TestCase $ tests = [TestLabel "configure GHC, sdist" $ TestCase $
do system "ghc-pkg -r test-1.0 --config-file=$HOME/.ghc-packages" do system "ghc-pkg -r test-1.0 --config-file=$HOME/.ghc-packages"
setCurrentDirectory "test" setCurrentDirectory "test/A"
dirE1 <- doesDirectoryExist ",tmp" dirE1 <- doesDirectoryExist ",tmp"
when dirE1 (system "rm -r ,tmp">>return()) when dirE1 (system "rm -r ,tmp">>return())
dirE2 <- doesDirectoryExist "dist" dirE2 <- doesDirectoryExist "dist"
all: tests all: main
tests: main:
ghc -Wall --make -i../:/usr/local/src/HUnit-1.0 Distribution/ModuleTest -o moduleTest ghc -Wall --make -i../:/usr/local/src/HUnit-1.0 Distribution/ModuleTest -o moduleTest
cd test && make tests:
cd test/A && make
clean: clean:
-rm -f Distribution/*.{o,hi} Distribution/Simple/*.{o,hi} -rm -f Distribution/*.{o,hi} Distribution/Simple/*.{o,hi}
all: all:
ghc -Wall --make -i../:/usr/local/src/HUnit-1.0 Setup.hs -o setup ghc -Wall --make -i../../:/usr/local/src/HUnit-1.0 Setup.hs -o setup
clean: clean:
rm -f setup a.out rm -f setup a.out
rm -rf ,tmp dist rm -rf ,tmp dist
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