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New implementation of parseFilePath

Hashed out with SyntaxNinja, Lemmih and Igloo. Basically, a file path can
be either something "simple", defined by the regex [-+/_.a-zA-Z0-9]+ or
it can be a quoted Haskell string, with all the bells and whistles that
the Read instance allows. E.g., if you need commas or spaces or something
funky in your paths, use string syntax.

Oh, and you should only use '/' as directory separator, cabal should
convert it to a proper separator based on the platform it's running
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......@@ -272,15 +272,17 @@ splitStanzas = map merge . groupStanzas . filter validLine . lines
-- |parse a module name
moduleName = many (alphaNum <|> oneOf "_'.") <?> "moduleName"
-- |FIX: must learn to escape whitespace
parseFilePath :: GenParser Char st FilePath
parseFilePath = liftM concat (many1 (
do try word
<|> toStr digit
<|> toStr (oneOf "!@#$%^&*()?></\\|]}[{.")
parseFilePath = parseReadS <|> (many1 (alphaNum <|> oneOf "-+/_."))
<?> "parseFilePath"
parseReadS :: Read a => GenParser Char st a
parseReadS = do toks <- getInput
case reads toks of
[(str,toks')] -> do setInput toks'
return str
_ -> fail "Bad String"
parseDependency :: GenParser Char st Dependency
parseDependency = do name <- many1 (letter <|> digit <|> oneOf "-_")
skipMany parseWhite
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