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Added initial stack info for --package-db

There is also information on how to reset the stack.

Resolve #2345
parent 08387f8e
......@@ -745,6 +745,14 @@ be controlled with the following command line options.
be a file or directory. Not all implementations support arbitrary
package databases.
This pushes an extra db onto the db stack. The `--global` and `--user`
mode switches add the respective [Global] and [Global, User] dbs to the
initial stack. There is a compiler-implementation constraint that the
global db must appear first in the stack, and if the user one appears at
all, it must appear immediately after the global db.
To reset the stack, use `--package-db=clear`.
`--default-user-config=` _file_
: Allows a "default" `cabal.config` freeze file to be passed in
manually. This file will only be used if one does not exist in the
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