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Document the new parameter to configure -O

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......@@ -2430,11 +2430,21 @@ runhaskell Setup.hs unregister --gen-script</screen>
<term><option>--enable-optimization</option> or <option>-O</option></term>
<term><option>--enable-optimization</option>[=<replaceable>n</replaceable>] or <option>-O</option>[<replaceable>n</replaceable>]</term>
<para>(default) Build with optimization flags (if available).
This is appropriate for production use, taking more time
to build faster libraries and programs.</para>
The optional <replaceable>n</replaceable> value is the
optimisation level. Some compilers support multiple
optimisation levels. The range is 0 to 2. Level 0 is
equivalent to <option>--disable-optimization</option>,
level 1 is the default if no <replaceable>n</replaceable>
parameter is given. Level 2 is higher optimisation if the
compiler supports it. Level 2 is likely to lead to longer
compile times and bigger generated code.
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