Commit 68a8534d authored by Duncan Coutts's avatar Duncan Coutts
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Infrastructure to maintain the project build status

We construct a PostBuildProjectStatus which has sets of package ids
covering various properties, including:
 - out of date
 - definitely up to date
 - probably up to date
 - invalid due to dep changes
 - invalid due to direct build failure

We also persistently keep track of the "probably up to date" set between

In this patch we just calculate and maintain these things but don't yet
use them except for debug output. The idea is it should be useful for
things like maintaining the .ghc.environment, deleting stale build dirs
or package registrations, maintaining exe wrapers/symlinks etc.
parent 5ee92d8b
......@@ -61,6 +61,7 @@ import Distribution.Client.ProjectConfig
import Distribution.Client.ProjectPlanning
import Distribution.Client.ProjectPlanning.Types
import Distribution.Client.ProjectBuilding
import Distribution.Client.ProjectPlanOutput
import Distribution.Client.Types
( GenericReadyPackage(..), PackageLocation(..) )
......@@ -128,12 +129,30 @@ data PreBuildHooks = PreBuildHooks {
-- | This holds the context between the pre-build, build and post-build phases.
data ProjectBuildContext = ProjectBuildContext {
projectRootDir :: FilePath,
distDirLayout :: DistDirLayout,
elaboratedPlan :: ElaboratedInstallPlan,
elaboratedShared :: ElaboratedSharedConfig,
pkgsBuildStatus :: BuildStatusMap,
buildSettings :: BuildTimeSettings
projectRootDir :: FilePath,
distDirLayout :: DistDirLayout,
-- | This is the improved plan, before we select a plan subset based on
-- the build targets, and before we do the dry-run. So this contains
-- all packages in the project.
elaboratedPlanOriginal :: ElaboratedInstallPlan,
-- | This is the 'elaboratedPlanOriginal' after we select a plan subset
-- and do the dry-run phase to find out what is up-to or out-of date.
-- This is the plan that will be executed during the build phase. So
-- this contains only a subset of packages in the project.
elaboratedPlanToExecute:: ElaboratedInstallPlan,
-- | The part of the install plan that's shared between all packages in
-- the plan. This does not change between the two plan variants above,
-- so there is just the one copy.
elaboratedShared :: ElaboratedSharedConfig,
-- | The result of the dry-run phase. This tells us about each member of
-- the 'elaboratedPlanToExecute'.
pkgsBuildStatus :: BuildStatusMap,
buildSettings :: BuildTimeSettings
......@@ -203,7 +222,8 @@ runProjectPreBuildPhase
return ProjectBuildContext {
elaboratedPlan = elaboratedPlan'',
elaboratedPlanOriginal = elaboratedPlan,
elaboratedPlanToExecute = elaboratedPlan'',
......@@ -226,7 +246,7 @@ runProjectBuildPhase verbosity ProjectBuildContext {..} =
fmap (Map.union (previousBuildOutcomes pkgsBuildStatus)) $
rebuildTargets verbosity
......@@ -259,9 +279,16 @@ runProjectPostBuildPhase verbosity ProjectBuildContext {..} buildOutcomes = do
-- - delete stale lib registrations
-- - delete stale package dirs
_postBuildStatus <- updatePostBuildProjectStatus
-- Finally if there were any build failures then report them and throw
-- an exception to terminate the program
dieOnBuildFailures verbosity elaboratedPlan buildOutcomes
dieOnBuildFailures verbosity elaboratedPlanToExecute buildOutcomes
-- Note that it is a deliberate design choice that the 'buildTargets' is
-- not passed to phase 1, and the various bits of input config is not
......@@ -470,7 +497,7 @@ reportBuildTargetProblem (BuildTargetOptionalStanzaDisabled _) = undefined
printPlan :: Verbosity -> ProjectBuildContext -> IO ()
printPlan verbosity
ProjectBuildContext {
elaboratedPlanToExecute = elaboratedPlan,
buildSettings = BuildTimeSettings{buildSettingDryRun}
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