Commit 6e639bd7 authored by Duncan Coutts's avatar Duncan Coutts Committed by Alexis Williams

Update user guide and changelog for local tarball support

parent 0403b01f
......@@ -621,9 +621,9 @@ project are:
2. They can specify a glob-style wildcards, which must match one or
more (a) directories containing a (single) Cabal file, (b) Cabal
files (extension ``.cabal``), or (c) [STRIKEOUT:tarballs which
contain Cabal packages (extension ``.tar.gz``)] (not implemented
yet). For example, to match all Cabal files in all
files (extension ``.cabal``), or (c) tarballs which contain Cabal
packages (extension ``.tar.gz``).
For example, to match all Cabal files in all
subdirectories, as well as the Cabal projects in the parent
directories ``foo`` and ``bar``, use
``packages: */*.cabal ../{foo,bar}/``
......@@ -19,6 +19,7 @@
equivalent to old-style clean, but for nix-style builds.
* Ensure that each package selected for a build-depends dependency
contains a library (#5304).
* Support packages from local tarballs in the cabal.project file. Mikhail Glushenkov <> March 2018
* '--with-PROG' and '--PROG-options' are applied to all packages
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