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Initial minimal documentation for `--index-state`

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......@@ -706,6 +706,29 @@ The following settings control the behavior of the dependency solver:
The command line variant of this field is ``--allow-older=all``. A
bare ``--allow-older`` is equivalent to ``--allow-older=all``.
.. cfg-field:: index-state: HEAD, unix-timestamp, ISO8601 UTC timestamp.
:synopsis: Use source package index state as it existed at a previous time.
:since: 1.25
:default: ``HEAD``
This allows to change the source package index state the solver uses
to compute install-plans. This is particularly useful in
combination with freeze-files in order to also freeze the state the
package index was in at the time the install-plan was frozen.
-- UNIX timestamp format example
index-state: @1474739268
-- ISO8601 UTC timestamp format example
-- This format is used by 'cabal new-configure'
-- for storing `--index-state` values.
index-state: 2016-09-24T17:47:48Z
Package configuration options
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