Commit 707cf19c authored by Duncan Coutts's avatar Duncan Coutts
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Reorder commands in cabal --help output

parent 6403c58f
......@@ -266,7 +266,7 @@ instance Monoid ConfigExFlags where
fetchCommand :: CommandUI (Flag Verbosity)
fetchCommand = CommandUI {
commandName = "fetch",
commandSynopsis = "Downloads packages for later installation or study.",
commandSynopsis = "Downloads packages for later installation.",
commandDescription = Nothing,
commandUsage = usagePackages "fetch",
commandDefaultFlags = toFlag normal,
......@@ -123,19 +123,19 @@ mainWorker args = topHandler $
++ " of the Cabal library "
commands =
[configureExCommand `commandAddAction` configureAction
,installCommand `commandAddAction` installAction
[installCommand `commandAddAction` installAction
,updateCommand `commandAddAction` updateAction
,listCommand `commandAddAction` listAction
,infoCommand `commandAddAction` infoAction
,updateCommand `commandAddAction` updateAction
,upgradeCommand `commandAddAction` upgradeAction
,fetchCommand `commandAddAction` fetchAction
,uploadCommand `commandAddAction` uploadAction
,unpackCommand `commandAddAction` unpackAction
,checkCommand `commandAddAction` checkAction
,sdistCommand `commandAddAction` sdistAction
,uploadCommand `commandAddAction` uploadAction
,reportCommand `commandAddAction` reportAction
,unpackCommand `commandAddAction` unpackAction
,initCommand `commandAddAction` initAction
,configureExCommand `commandAddAction` configureAction
,wrapperAction (buildCommand defaultProgramConfiguration)
buildVerbosity buildDistPref
,wrapperAction copyCommand
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