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Change calls to 'make' into '$(MAKE)'

This is the portable thing to do and fixes things on FreeBSD where make/=gmake
parent fd3e5c20
......@@ -70,7 +70,7 @@ haddock: setup
./setup haddock
cd doc && make clean
cd doc && $(MAKE) clean
doc: haddock
docbook2html doc/Cabal.xml --output doc/users-guide
......@@ -89,11 +89,11 @@ clean-cabal:
-rm -f hunit-stamp hunitInstall-stamp
cd tests/HUnit-1.0 && make clean
cd tests/HUnit-1.0 && $(MAKE) clean
cd tests/A && make clean
cd tests/wash2hs && make clean
cd tests/A && $(MAKE) clean
cd tests/wash2hs && $(MAKE) clean
remove: remove-cabal remove-hunit
......@@ -107,7 +107,7 @@ remove-hunit:
hunit: hunit-stamp
cd tests/HUnit-1.0 && make && ./setup configure --prefix=$(PREF) && ./setup build
cd tests/HUnit-1.0 && $(MAKE) && ./setup configure --prefix=$(PREF) && ./setup build
touch $@
hunitInstall: hunitInstall-stamp
......@@ -122,14 +122,14 @@ moduleTest:
$(HC) $(GHCFLAGS) $(ISPOSIX) -DDEBUG -odir dist/debug -hidir dist/debug -idist/debug/:src:tests/HUnit-1.0/src tests/ModuleTest.hs -o moduleTest
tests: moduleTest clean
cd tests/A && make clean
cd tests/HUnit-1.0 && make clean
cd tests/A && make
cd tests/HUnit-1.0 && make
cd tests/A && $(MAKE) clean
cd tests/HUnit-1.0 && $(MAKE) clean
cd tests/A && $(MAKE)
cd tests/HUnit-1.0 && $(MAKE)
rm -f moduleTest
make moduleTest
$(MAKE) moduleTest
# distribution...
......@@ -173,7 +173,7 @@ dist: haddock $(CABALBALL)
cd $(TMPDISTLOC) && tar -zxvf $(CABALBALL) && mv Cabal cabal
#mkdir $(TMPDISTLOC)/cabal/doc
make doc
$(MAKE) doc
cp -r dist/doc/html $(TMPDISTLOC)/cabal/doc/API
cp -r doc/users-guide $(TMPDISTLOC)/cabal/doc/users-guide
cd ~/usr/doc/haskell/haskell-report/packages && docbook2html -o /tmp/pkg-spec-html pkg-spec.sgml && docbook2pdf pkg-spec.sgml -o /tmp
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