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Link to 'developing packages' from new-build docs.

This page is often surfaces above the "Developing Quickstart" section in search results but a beginner ending up here may not know how to set up their package before using the commands here. This adds a link to the section in the docs that walks through how to set up a package so they don't need to go looking for it themselves.
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......@@ -4,7 +4,9 @@ Quickstart
Suppose that you are in a directory containing a single Cabal package
which you wish to build. You can configure and build it using Nix-style
which you wish to build (if you haven't set up a package yet check
out `developing packages <developing-packages.html>`__ for
instructions). You can configure and build it using Nix-style
local builds with this command (configuring is not necessary):
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