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......@@ -1135,6 +1135,16 @@ Miscellaneous options
(default) Do not build shared library.
.. option:: --enable-static
Build a static library. This passes ``-staticlib`` to GHC (avaiable
for iOS, and with 8.4 more platforms). The result is an archive ``.a``
containing all dependent haskell libararies combined.
.. option:: --disable-static
(default) Do not build a static library.
.. option:: --enable-executable-dynamic
Link executables dynamically. The executable's library dependencies
......@@ -1205,6 +1205,21 @@ Dynamic linking options
The command line variant of this flag is ``--relocatable``.
Static linking options
.. cfg-field:: static: boolean
:synopsis: Build static library.
:default: False
Roll this and all dependent libraries into a combined ``.a`` archive.
This uses GHCs ``-staticlib`` flag, which is avaiable for iOS and with
GHC 8.4 and later for other platforms as well.
Foreign function interface options
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