Commit 7b592bd0 authored by refold's avatar refold
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Fix building of exes that use TH and profiling.

Fixes #1207. Broken by @dcoutts in 02f8eef1.

Combined with the hpc fix, this makes all tests pass on my machine.
parent 6c336e3a
......@@ -880,7 +880,7 @@ buildExe verbosity _pkg_descr lbi
-- be loaded up and run by the compiler.
when ((withProfExe lbi || withDynExe lbi) &&
EnableExtension TemplateHaskell `elem` allExtensions exeBi) $
runGhcProg compileOpts { ghcOptNoLink = toFlag True }
runGhcProg staticOpts { ghcOptNoLink = toFlag True }
--TODO: do we also need to play the static vs dynamic games here?
runGhcProg compileOpts { ghcOptNoLink = toFlag True }
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