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Remove since it is no longer necessary post-new-build.
parent 8376f7f5
#!/bin/bash -x
SCRIPT_DIR="`dirname $0`"
die() {
echo "$*"
exit 1
setup() {
# Extract parameters
local NAME="$1"
local DEPS="$@"
# (Re-)create sandbox
cabal sandbox delete # Ignore error status; probably just means sandbox doesn't exist
cabal sandbox init || die "$NAME: Could not initialize sandbox"
# Add dependencies
for DEP in $DEPS; do
cabal sandbox add-source "$DEP"
# Install dependencies
cabal install --only-dependencies --enable-tests || die "$NAME: Could not install needed dependencies"
# Build the 'Setup' executable
ghc --make -threaded -i -i. Setup.hs || die "$NAME: Could not create 'Setup' executable"
# Build the package
local PACKAGEDB=`cabal exec -- sh -c 'echo $GHC_PACKAGE_PATH' | sed 's/:.*//'`
echo "Cabal package DB location: $PACKAGEDB"
./Setup configure --enable-tests --package-db="$PACKAGEDB" || die "$NAME: 'configure' failed"
./Setup build || die "$NAME: 'build' failed"
# Build
(cd ${SCRIPT_DIR}/Cabal && setup "Cabal" ) || die "Failed to build Cabal"
(cd ${SCRIPT_DIR}/cabal-install && setup "cabal-install" ../Cabal) || die "Failed to build cabal-install"
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