Commit 83e20783 authored by Jens Petersen's avatar Jens Petersen
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add a separator before the pid suffix to the tmpdir template

Currently Cabal just appends the pid to the package name-version
which makes it hard to see the actual package version number.
This patch just inserts a '-' between name-version and pid.
parent 0bbd64cd
......@@ -75,7 +75,7 @@ openTempFile tmp_dir template
(templateBase, templateExt) = splitExtension template
findTempName :: Int -> IO (FilePath, Handle)
findTempName x
= do let path = tmp_dir </> (templateBase ++ show x) <.> templateExt
= do let path = tmp_dir </> (templateBase ++ "-" ++ show x) <.> templateExt
b <- doesFileExist path
if b then findTempName (x+1)
else do hnd <- openFile path ReadWriteMode
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