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Integration Tests
Each test is a shell script. Tests that share files (e.g., `.cabal` files) are grouped under a common sub-directory of [IntegrationTests]. The framework copies the whole group's directory before running each test, which allows tests to reuse files, yet run independently. A group's tests are further divided into `should_run` and `should_fail` directories, based on the expected exit status. For example, the test `IntegrationTests/exec/should_fail/` has access to all files under `exec` and is expected to fail.
Tests can specify their expected output. For a test named ``, `x.out` specifies `stdout` and `x.err` specifies `stderr`. Both files are optional. The framework expects an exact match between lines in the file and output, except for lines beginning with "RE:", which are interpreted as regular expressions.
[IntegrationTests.hs] defines several environment variables:
* `CABAL` - The path to the executable being tested.
* `GHC_PKG` - The path to ghc-pkg.
* `CABAL_ARGS` - A common set of arguments for running cabal.
* `CABAL_ARGS_NO_CONFIG_FILE` - `CABAL_ARGS` without `--config-file`.
[IntegrationTests]: IntegrationTests
[IntegrationTests.hs]: IntegrationTests.hs
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