Commit 850b68b5 authored by Mikhail Glushenkov's avatar Mikhail Glushenkov Committed by GitHub
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Merge pull request #3975 from dcoutts/issue3972

Reduce path lengths for temp package src and build dirs
parents 0e78f8aa 8dc39db7
......@@ -743,15 +743,16 @@ withTarballLocalDirectory verbosity distDirLayout@DistDirLayout{..}
tarball pkgid dparams buildstyle pkgTextOverride
buildPkg =
case buildstyle of
-- In this case we make a temp dir, unpack the tarball to there and
-- build and install it from that temp dir.
-- In this case we make a couple temp dirs, unpack the tarball to one
-- and build and install it from the other. We avoid nesting the
-- builddir under the tarball src dir to keep path name lengths down.
BuildAndInstall ->
withTempDirectory verbosity distTempDirectory
(display (packageName pkgid)) $ \tmpdir -> do
unpackPackageTarball verbosity tarball tmpdir
let tmpdir = distTempDirectory in
withTempDirectory verbosity tmpdir "src" $ \unpackdir ->
withTempDirectory verbosity tmpdir "build" $ \builddir -> do
unpackPackageTarball verbosity tarball unpackdir
pkgid pkgTextOverride
let srcdir = tmpdir </> display pkgid
builddir = srcdir </> "dist"
let srcdir = unpackdir </> display pkgid
buildPkg srcdir builddir
-- In this case we make sure the tarball has been unpacked to the
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