Commit 89f28b11 authored by ijones's avatar ijones
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better error for missing config file

parent 32a7992b
......@@ -104,11 +104,14 @@ exeDeps s d = fromJust $ lookup s (executableDeps d)
getPersistBuildConfig :: IO LocalBuildInfo
getPersistBuildConfig = do
e <- doesFileExist localBuildInfoFile
let dieMsg = "error reading " ++ localBuildInfoFile ++ "; run \"setup configure\" command?\n"
when (not e) (die dieMsg)
str <- readFile localBuildInfoFile
let bi = read str
#ifndef __NHC__
evaluate bi `catch` \_ ->
die "error reading .setup-config; run ./Setup.lhs configure?\n"
die dieMsg
-- FIXME: Is there anything we can do here? DeepSeq?
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