Commit 8c2e1b25 authored by Duncan Coutts's avatar Duncan Coutts
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Fix oversight in imports

parent 93ba44f4
......@@ -63,14 +63,13 @@ import Distribution.Simple.Setup (RegisterFlags(..), CopyDest(..),
import Distribution.PackageDescription (PackageDescription(..),
BuildInfo(..), Library(..))
import Distribution.Package (PackageIdentifier(..), showPackageId, Package(..))
import Distribution.Verbosity
import Distribution.InstalledPackageInfo
(InstalledPackageInfo, showInstalledPackageInfo,
import qualified Distribution.InstalledPackageInfo as IPI
import Distribution.Simple.Utils
( createDirectoryIfMissingVerbose, copyFileVerbose, writeFileAtomic
, die, info, setupMessage )
, die, info, notice, setupMessage )
import Distribution.System
import System.FilePath ((</>), (<.>), isAbsolute)
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