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1.21.x (current development version)
1.23.x.x (current development version)
* If there are multiple remote repos, 'cabal update' now updates
them in parallel (#2503)
* New 'cabal upload' option '-P'/'--password-command' for reading
Hackage password from arbitrary program output (#2506)
* Better warning for 'cabal run' (#2510)
* 'cabal init' now warns if the chosen package name is already
registered in the source package index (#2436) Johan Tibell <> January 2015
* New command: user-config (#2159).
* Implement 'cabal repl --only' (#2016).
* Fix an issue when 'cabal repl' was doing unnecessary compilation
......@@ -13,7 +22,7 @@
* Support sandboxes in '' (#2137).
* Install profiling and shared libs by default in ''
(#2009). Johan Tibell <> June 2014
* Don't attempt to rename dist if it is already named correctly
* Treat all flags of a package as interdependent.
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