Commit 8dd4441d authored by tibbe's avatar tibbe

Revert "'cabal configure': honor the '--constraint' flag."

This commit caused cabal to no longer try to run configure if the
dependency solver failed, causing e.g. the containers test suite to no
longer build.

This reverts commit 16836efe.
parent 597ed8f6
......@@ -48,7 +48,7 @@ import Distribution.PackageDescription.Configuration
import Distribution.Version
( anyVersion, thisVersion )
import Distribution.Simple.Utils as Utils
( notice, debug, die )
( notice, info, debug, die )
import Distribution.System
( Platform )
import Distribution.Verbosity as Verbosity
......@@ -95,7 +95,10 @@ configure verbosity packageDBs repos comp platform conf
maybePlan <- foldProgress logMsg (return . Left) (return . Right)
case maybePlan of
Left message -> die message
Left message -> do
info verbosity message
setupWrapper verbosity (setupScriptOptions installedPkgIndex) Nothing
configureCommand (const configFlags) extraArgs
Right installPlan -> case InstallPlan.ready installPlan of
[pkg@(ReadyPackage (SourcePackage _ _ (LocalUnpackedPackage _) _) _ _ _)] ->
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