Commit 9052ff49 authored by Keshav Kini's avatar Keshav Kini
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Remove first-person and unix-specific language

In accordance with @23Skidoo's comments on github.
parent 12c1cfb7
......@@ -83,10 +83,10 @@ checkForSelfUpgrade verbosity repos = do
unless (null laterPreferredVersions) $ mapM_ (notice verbosity)
[ "Note: I am not the latest version of cabal-install."
, "These versions are available and are newer than me: "
++ (intercalate ", " . map showVersion) laterPreferredVersions
, "My version is: " ++ showVersion currentVersion
[ "Note: You are not currently running the latest version of cabal-install."
, "The currently running version is: " ++ showVersion currentVersion
, "These available versions are newer: "
++ (intercalate ", " . map showVersion) laterPreferredVersion
, "If you have already installed a newer version, and intended "
++ "to run it, maybe check your $PATH variable?"
++ "to run it, maybe check your PATH environment variable?"
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