Commit 91486126 authored by Alex Washburn's avatar Alex Washburn
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Adding new cxx-* flags to the cabal-install changelog.

parent 96a00e30
-*-change-log-*- (current development version)
* New config file field: 'cxx-options' to specify which options to be
passed to the compiler when compiling C++ sources specified by the
'cxx-sources' field. (#3700)
* New config file field: 'cxx-sources' to specify C++ files to be
compiled separately from C source files. Useful in conjunction with the
'cxx-options' flag to pass different compiler options to C and C++
source files. (#3700)
* 'cabal configure' now supports '--enable-static' which can be
used to build static libaries with GHC via GHC's `-staticlib` flag.
* Don't automatically/silently case-correct mispelled package-names
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