Commit 92868c4e authored by barmston's avatar barmston

die instead of debug >> exitFailure

parent ce203e5e
......@@ -21,12 +21,11 @@ import Distribution.Simple.Program.Db (ProgramDb, requireProgram, modifyProgram
import Distribution.Simple.Program.Find (ProgramSearchPathEntry(..))
import Distribution.Simple.Program.Run (programInvocation, runProgramInvocation)
import Distribution.Simple.Program.Types ( simpleProgram, ConfiguredProgram(..) )
import Distribution.Simple.Utils (debug, die)
import Distribution.Simple.Utils (die)
import Distribution.System (Platform)
import Distribution.Verbosity (Verbosity)
import System.Exit (exitFailure)
import System.FilePath (searchPathSeparator, (</>))
import Control.Applicative ((<$>))
import Data.Traversable as T
......@@ -53,7 +52,7 @@ exec verbosity useSandbox comp platform programDb extraArgs =
runProgramInvocation verbosity invocation
[] -> die $ "Please specify an executable to run"
[] -> die "Please specify an executable to run"
environmentOverrides =
case useSandbox of
......@@ -75,11 +74,8 @@ sandboxEnvironment verbosity sandboxDir comp platform programDb = do
mGlobalPackageDb <- T.sequence $ ghcGlobalPackageDB verbosity
<$> lookupProgram ghcProgram programDb
case mGlobalPackageDb of
Nothing -> do
debug verbosity "exec only works with GHC"
Just gDb ->
return $ overrides gDb
Nothing -> die "exec only works with GHC"
Just gDb -> return $ overrides gDb
overrides gDb = [ ("GHC_PACKAGE_PATH", ghcPackagePath gDb) ]
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