Commit 9466758a authored by Edward Z. Yang's avatar Edward Z. Yang
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Port custom-setup/custom_setup_without_Cabal_doesnt_require_Cabal to new test suite

Signed-off-by: default avatarEdward Z. Yang <>
parent 282d7378
. ./
cd custom-setup-without-cabal
# This package has explicit setup dependencies that do not include Cabal.
# new-build should try to build it, even though the cabal-version cannot be
# satisfied by an installed version of Cabal (cabal-version: >= 99999). However,
# configure should fail because Setup.hs just prints an error message and exits.
! cabal new-build custom-setup-without-cabal > output 2>&1
cat output
grep -q "My custom Setup" output \
|| die "Expected output from custom Setup"
import Test.Cabal.Prelude
main = cabalTest $ do
r <- fails $ cabal' "new-build" []
assertOutputContains "My custom Setup" r
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