Commit 96a00e30 authored by Alex Washburn's avatar Alex Washburn
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Attempting to remove duplicates from the cObj file list.

parent 5b5c4156
......@@ -559,7 +559,8 @@ buildOrReplLib forRepl verbosity numJobs pkg_descr lbi lib clbi = do
createDirectoryIfMissingVerbose verbosity True libTargetDir
-- TODO: do we need to put hs-boot files into place for mutually recursive
-- modules?
let cObjs = map (`replaceExtension` objExtension) (cSources libBi ++ cxxSources libBi)
let cLikeFiles = fromNubListR $ toNubListR (cSources libBi) <> toNubListR (cxxSources libBi)
cObjs = map (`replaceExtension` objExtension) cLikeFiles
baseOpts = componentGhcOptions verbosity lbi libBi clbi libTargetDir
vanillaOpts = baseOpts `mappend` mempty {
ghcOptMode = toFlag GhcModeMake,
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