Commit 9a7fb330 authored by Mikhail Glushenkov's avatar Mikhail Glushenkov
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'install': configure all known programs before doing anything.

Fixes #2241.

I think the ProgramDB API should be redesigned to prevent such
problems in the future.
parent 4ff05c07
......@@ -128,7 +128,8 @@ import Distribution.Simple.Configure
, ConfigStateFileError(..), localBuildInfoFile
, getPersistBuildConfig, tryGetPersistBuildConfig )
import qualified Distribution.Simple.LocalBuildInfo as LBI
import Distribution.Simple.Program (defaultProgramConfiguration)
import Distribution.Simple.Program (defaultProgramConfiguration
import qualified Distribution.Simple.Setup as Cabal
import Distribution.Simple.Utils
( cabalVersion, die, notice, info, topHandler
......@@ -660,6 +661,8 @@ installAction (configFlags, configExFlags, installFlags, haddockFlags)
savedHaddockFlags config `mappend` haddockFlags
globalFlags' = savedGlobalFlags config `mappend` globalFlags
(comp, platform, conf) <- configCompilerAux' configFlags'
-- TODO: Redesign ProgramDB API to prevent such problems as #2241 in the future.
conf' <- configureAllKnownPrograms verbosity conf
-- If we're working inside a sandbox and the user has set the -w option, we
-- may need to create a sandbox-local package DB for this compiler and add a
......@@ -672,7 +675,7 @@ installAction (configFlags, configExFlags, installFlags, haddockFlags)
whenUsingSandbox useSandbox $ \sandboxDir -> do
initPackageDBIfNeeded verbosity configFlags'' comp conf
initPackageDBIfNeeded verbosity configFlags'' comp conf'
indexFile <- tryGetIndexFilePath config
maybeAddCompilerTimestampRecord verbosity sandboxDir indexFile
......@@ -689,7 +692,7 @@ installAction (configFlags, configExFlags, installFlags, haddockFlags)
install verbosity
(configPackageDB' configFlags'')
(globalRepos globalFlags')
comp platform conf
comp platform conf'
useSandbox mSandboxPkgInfo
globalFlags' configFlags'' configExFlags'
installFlags' haddockFlags'
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