Commit 9e706ca5 authored by gershomb's avatar gershomb

append -> augment

parent f3fb330a
......@@ -2448,8 +2448,8 @@ userConfigCommand = CommandUI {
"Overwrite the config file if it already exists."
userConfigForce (\v flags -> flags { userConfigForce = v })
, option ['a'] ["append"]
"Additional line to append to the config file."
, option ['a'] ["augment"]
"Additional setting to augment the config file (replacing a previous setting if it existed)."
userConfigAppendLines (\v flags -> flags
{userConfigAppendLines =
Flag $ concat (flagToList (userConfigAppendLines flags) ++ flagToList v)})
......@@ -29,7 +29,7 @@
* 'cabal configure' now supports '--enable-static', which can be
used to build static libaries with GHC via GHC's `-staticlib`
* 'cabal user-config now supports '--append' which can append
* 'cabal user-config now supports '--augment' which can append
additional lines to a new or updated cabal config file.
* Added support for '--enable-tests' and '--enable-benchmarks' to
'cabal fetch' (#4948).
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