Commit 9eb58dba authored by Duncan Coutts's avatar Duncan Coutts
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Use security by default for central hackage repo

Change the default from opt-in to opt-out, so if you're using the
default config, ie no "secure: True/False" field set, then we now
default to True rather than to False. So users can still opt-out by
setting "secure: False" in the hackage repo section, like:

  secure: False
parent c2dfc331
......@@ -532,13 +532,9 @@ addInfoForKnownRepos repo
remoteRepoKeyThreshold = 0
} | secure /= Just False
= r {
--TODO: When we want to switch us from using opt-in to opt-out
-- security for the central hackage server, uncomment the
-- following line. That will cause the default (of unspecified)
-- to get interpreted as if it were "secure: True". For the
-- moment it means the keys get added but you have to manually
-- set "secure: True" to opt-in.
--remoteRepoSecure = Just True,
-- Use hackage-security by default unless you opt-out with
-- secure: False
remoteRepoSecure = Just True,
remoteRepoRootKeys = defaultHackageRemoteRepoKeys,
remoteRepoKeyThreshold = defaultHackageRemoteRepoKeyThreshold
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