Commit a25c1669 authored by Adam Gundry's avatar Adam Gundry
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Use configured compiler for cabal sandbox hc-pkg

For most commands (e.g. `cabal install`), the `package-db` field in
`cabal.sandbox.config` is ignored, and the path is reconstructed
from the `prefix` and current compiler instead.  This is arguably
the right behaviour, because the right package DB depends on the
arch/compiler, so it doesn't make sense to specify only one.  This
commit makes `cabal sandbox hc-pkg` behave similarly, to avoid
invoking ghc-pkg on an incompatible package DB (fixes #1935).

Moreover, the compiler version to use is now picked up from the
most recently configured compiler, if any.  Otherwise, the global
default compiler is used, as before.
parent 4e873363
......@@ -65,7 +65,8 @@ import Distribution.Client.Sandbox.PackageEnvironment
, createPackageEnvironmentFile, classifyPackageEnvironment
, tryLoadSandboxPackageEnvironmentFile, loadUserConfig
, commentPackageEnvironment, showPackageEnvironmentWithComments
, sandboxPackageEnvironmentFile, userPackageEnvironmentFile )
, sandboxPackageEnvironmentFile, userPackageEnvironmentFile
, sandboxPackageDBPath )
import Distribution.Client.Sandbox.Types ( SandboxPackageInfo(..)
, UseSandbox(..) )
import Distribution.Client.SetupWrapper
......@@ -82,7 +83,10 @@ import Distribution.Simple.Compiler ( Compiler(..), PackageDB(..)
import Distribution.Simple.Configure ( configCompilerAuxEx
, interpretPackageDbFlags
, getPackageDBContents
, maybeGetPersistBuildConfig
, findDistPrefOrDefault
, findDistPref )
import qualified Distribution.Simple.LocalBuildInfo as LocalBuildInfo
import Distribution.Simple.PreProcess ( knownSuffixHandlers )
import Distribution.Simple.Program ( ProgramConfiguration )
import Distribution.Simple.Setup ( Flag(..), HaddockFlags(..)
......@@ -479,11 +483,13 @@ sandboxListSources verbosity _sandboxFlags globalFlags = do
-- tool with provided arguments, restricted to the sandbox.
sandboxHcPkg :: Verbosity -> SandboxFlags -> GlobalFlags -> [String] -> IO ()
sandboxHcPkg verbosity _sandboxFlags globalFlags extraArgs = do
(_sandboxDir, pkgEnv) <- tryLoadSandboxConfig verbosity globalFlags
(sandboxDir, pkgEnv) <- tryLoadSandboxConfig verbosity globalFlags
let configFlags = savedConfigureFlags . pkgEnvSavedConfig $ pkgEnv
dbStack = configPackageDB' configFlags
(comp, _platform, conf) <- configCompilerAux' configFlags
-- Invoke hc-pkg for the most recently configured compiler (if any),
-- using the right package-db for the compiler (see #1935).
(comp, platform, conf) <- getPersistOrConfigCompiler configFlags
let dir = sandboxPackageDBPath sandboxDir comp platform
dbStack = [GlobalPackageDB, SpecificPackageDB dir]
Register.invokeHcPkg verbosity comp conf dbStack extraArgs
updateInstallDirs :: Flag Bool
......@@ -791,3 +797,18 @@ configCompilerAux' configFlags =
configCompilerAuxEx configFlags
--FIXME: make configCompilerAux use a sensible verbosity
{ configVerbosity = fmap lessVerbose (configVerbosity configFlags) }
-- | Try to read the most recently configured compiler from the
-- 'localBuildInfoFile', falling back on 'configCompilerAuxEx' if it
-- cannot be read.
getPersistOrConfigCompiler :: ConfigFlags
-> IO (Compiler, Platform, ProgramConfiguration)
getPersistOrConfigCompiler configFlags = do
distPref <- findDistPrefOrDefault (configDistPref configFlags)
mlbi <- maybeGetPersistBuildConfig distPref
case mlbi of
Nothing -> do configCompilerAux' configFlags
Just lbi -> return ( LocalBuildInfo.compiler lbi
, LocalBuildInfo.hostPlatform lbi
, LocalBuildInfo.withPrograms lbi
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