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Mention `--index-state` in changelog & cabal manual

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......@@ -2274,6 +2274,15 @@ The ``get`` command supports the following options:
Fork the package's source repository using the appropriate version
control system. The optional argument allows to choose a specific
repository kind.
``--index-state`` *[HEAD\|@<unix-timestamp>\|<iso8601-utc-timestamp>]*
Use source package index state as it existed at a previous time. Accepts
unix-timestamps (e.g. ``@1474732068``), ISO8601 UTC timestamps (e.g.
``2016-09-24T17:47:48Z``), or ``HEAD`` (default).
This determines which package versions are available as well as which
``.cabal`` file revision is selected (unless ``--pristine`` is used).
Unpack the original pristine tarball, rather than updating the
``.cabal`` file with the latest revision from the package archive.
Custom setup scripts
......@@ -24,6 +24,8 @@
'.../$pkgid.log' to '.../$compiler/$libname.log' (#3807).
* Added a new command, 'cabal reconfigure', which re-runs 'configure'
with the most recently used flags (#2214).
* Added add the '--index-state' flag for requesting a specific
version of the package index (#3893, #4115).
* Support for building Backpack packages. See
for more details.
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