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Document phase control flags

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......@@ -269,6 +269,31 @@ package, and thus apply globally:
Specifies the name of the directory of the global package store.
Phase control
The following settings apply to commands that result in build actions
(``build``, ``run``, ``repl``, ``test``...), and control which phases of the
build are executed.
.. option:: --dry-run
Do not download, build, or install anything, only print what would happen.
.. option:: --only-configure
Instead of performing a full build just run the configure step.
Only accepted by the ``build`` command.
.. option:: --only-download
Do not build anything, only fetch the packages.
.. option:: --only-dependencies
Install only the dependencies necessary to build the given packages.
Not accepted by the ``repl`` command.
Solver configuration options
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