Commit a86ad66c authored by ttuegel's avatar ttuegel
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Load binary LocalBuildInfo in package-tests

PackageTests has its own version of getPersistBuildConfig which does not
check which version of Cabal created dist/setup-config. Now that the
LocalBuildInfo is written with Binary, this version needed to be
updated, too.
parent 909e13ff
......@@ -289,6 +289,7 @@ test-suite package-tests
hs-source-dirs: tests
binary >= 0.7 && < 0.8,
test-framework-quickcheck2 >= 0.2.12,
......@@ -36,16 +36,19 @@ import PackageTests.TestSuiteExeV10.Check
import PackageTests.OrderFlags.Check
import PackageTests.ReexportedModules.Check
import Distribution.Package (PackageIdentifier)
import Distribution.Simple.LocalBuildInfo (LocalBuildInfo(..))
import Distribution.Simple.Program.Types (programPath)
import Distribution.Simple.Program.Builtin (ghcProgram, ghcPkgProgram,
import Distribution.Simple.Program.Db (requireProgram)
import Distribution.Simple.Utils (cabalVersion, die, withFileContents)
import Distribution.Simple.Utils (cabalVersion, die)
import Distribution.Text (display)
import Distribution.Verbosity (normal)
import Distribution.Version (Version(Version))
import Data.Binary (Binary, decodeOrFail)
import qualified Data.ByteString.Lazy as BS
import System.Directory (doesFileExist, getCurrentDirectory,
import System.FilePath ((</>))
......@@ -164,14 +167,28 @@ getPersistBuildConfig_ :: FilePath -> IO LocalBuildInfo
getPersistBuildConfig_ filename = do
exists <- doesFileExist filename
if not exists
then die missing
else withFileContents filename $ \str ->
case lines str of
[_header, rest] -> case reads rest of
[(bi,_)] -> return bi
_ -> die cantParse
_ -> die cantParse
then die "Run the 'configure' command first."
else decodeBinHeader >>= decodeBody
missing = "Run the 'configure' command first."
cantParse = "Saved package config file seems to be corrupt. "
++ "Try re-running the 'configure' command."
decodeB :: Binary a => BS.ByteString -> Either String (BS.ByteString, a)
decodeB str = either (const cantParse) return $ do
(next, _, x) <- decodeOrFail str
return (next, x)
decodeBody :: Either String BS.ByteString -> IO LocalBuildInfo
decodeBody (Left msg) = die msg
decodeBody (Right body) = either die (return . snd) $ decodeB body
decodeBinHeader :: IO (Either String BS.ByteString)
decodeBinHeader = do
pbc <- BS.readFile filename
return $ do
(body, _) <- decodeB pbc :: Either String ( BS.ByteString
, ( PackageIdentifier
, PackageIdentifier )
return body
cantParse = Left $ "Saved package config file seems to be corrupt. "
++ "Try re-running the 'configure' command."
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