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Add more new language extensions from GHC

parent f3141eb6
......@@ -747,10 +747,24 @@ data KnownExtension =
-- | Enable explicit type applications with the syntax @id \@Int@.
| TypeApplications
-- | Dissolve the distinction between types and kinds, allowing the compiler
-- to reason about kind equality and therefore enabling GADTs to be promoted
-- to the type-level.
| TypeInType
-- | Allow recursive (and therefore undecideable) super-class relationships.
| UndecidableSuperClasses
-- | A temporary extension to help library authors check if their
-- code will compile with the new planned desugaring of fail.
| MonadFailDesugaring
-- | A subset of @TemplateHaskell@ including only quasi-quoting.
| TemplateHaskellQuotes
-- | Allows use of the @#label@ syntax.
| OverloadedLabels
deriving (Generic, Show, Read, Eq, Ord, Enum, Bounded, Typeable, Data)
instance Binary KnownExtension
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