Commit a9be572a authored by byorgey's avatar byorgey

init: don't give (none) as a license option, and make BSD3 the default.

Fixes #2217.
parent a7efa1d4
......@@ -175,9 +175,9 @@ getVersion flags = do
getLicense :: InitFlags -> IO InitFlags
getLicense flags = do
lic <- return (flagToMaybe $ license flags)
?>> fmap (fmap (either UnknownLicense id) . join)
?>> fmap (fmap (either UnknownLicense id))
(maybePrompt flags
(promptListOptional "Please choose a license" listedLicenses))
(promptList "Please choose a license" listedLicenses (Just BSD3) display True))
return $ flags { license = maybeToFlag lic }
listedLicenses =
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