Commit ab9fe920 authored by ttuegel's avatar ttuegel
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Don't pretty-print unparseable test suite types.

Issue #1202. The pretty printer was printing 'type: -' for empty test
suite interfaces.  The empty test interface type is the result of
parsing a branch in a conditional block where no type is explicitly
specified (i.e., the type is inherited from a higher level or propagated
up from a lower one).  Therefore, the pretty-printer should not print
any 'type' field at all for test suites with an empty test interface
parent 24b5eb05
......@@ -46,6 +46,7 @@ module Distribution.PackageDescription.PrettyPrint (
) where
import Data.Monoid (Monoid(mempty))
import Distribution.PackageDescription
( TestSuite(..), TestSuiteInterface(..), testType
, SourceRepo(..),
......@@ -169,13 +170,17 @@ ppTestSuites suites =
| (n,condTree) <- suites]
ppTestSuite testsuite Nothing =
text "type:" <+> disp (testType testsuite)
maybe empty (\t -> text "type:" <+> disp t)
$+$ maybe empty (\f -> text "main-is:" <+> text f)
(testSuiteMainIs testsuite)
$+$ maybe empty (\m -> text "test-module:" <+> disp m)
(testSuiteModule testsuite)
$+$ ppFields binfoFieldDescrs (testBuildInfo testsuite)
$+$ ppCustomFields (customFieldsBI (testBuildInfo testsuite))
maybeTestType | testInterface testsuite == mempty = Nothing
| otherwise = Just (testType testsuite)
ppTestSuite (TestSuite _ _ buildInfo' _)
(Just (TestSuite _ _ buildInfo2 _)) =
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