Commit af3da760 authored by Duncan Coutts's avatar Duncan Coutts
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Simplify OSX ranlib madness

parent 73faaba4
......@@ -859,16 +859,14 @@ installLib flags lbi targetDir dynlibTargetDir builtDir
installLib _ _ _ _ _ PackageDescription{library=Nothing}
= die $ "Internal Error. installLibGHC called with no library."
-- | use @ranlib@ or @ar -s@ to build an index. This is necessary on systems
-- like MacOS X. If we can't find those, don't worry too much about it.
-- | On MacOS X we have to call @ranlib@ to regenerate the archive index after
-- copying. This is because the silly MacOS X linker checks that the archive
-- index is not older than the file itself, which means simply
-- copying/installing the file breaks it!!
updateLibArchive :: Verbosity -> LocalBuildInfo -> FilePath -> IO ()
updateLibArchive verbosity lbi path =
case lookupProgram ranlibProgram (withPrograms lbi) of
Just ranlib -> rawSystemProgram verbosity ranlib [path]
Nothing -> case lookupProgram arProgram (withPrograms lbi) of
Just ar -> rawSystemProgram verbosity ar ["-s", path]
Nothing -> warn verbosity $
"Unable to generate a symbol index for the static "
++ "library '" ++ path
++ "' (missing the 'ranlib' and 'ar' programs)"
updateLibArchive verbosity lbi path
| buildOS == OSX = do
(ranlib, _) <- requireProgram verbosity ranlibProgram (withPrograms lbi)
rawSystemProgram verbosity ranlib [path]
| otherwise = return ()
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