Commit af4a8175 authored by Duncan Coutts's avatar Duncan Coutts
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Skip processing install plan when there is nothing to install

Of course processing an empty install plan doesn't do very much
but did give some slightly confusing messages at higher verbosity
parent 47fe717b
......@@ -286,12 +286,13 @@ processInstallPlan verbosity
checkPrintPlan verbosity installedPkgIndex installPlan sourcePkgDb
installFlags pkgSpecifiers
unless dryRun $ do
unless (dryRun || nothingToInstall) $ do
installPlan' <- performInstallations verbosity
args installedPkgIndex installPlan
postInstallActions verbosity args userTargets installPlan'
dryRun = fromFlag (installDryRun installFlags)
nothingToInstall = null (InstallPlan.ready installPlan)
-- ------------------------------------------------------------
-- * Installation planning
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