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Update documentation for new-repl

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......@@ -362,8 +362,15 @@ cabal new-repl
``cabal new-repl TARGET`` loads all of the modules of the target into
GHCi as interpreted bytecode. It takes the same flags as
``cabal new-build``.
GHCi as interpreted bytecode. In addition to the ``cabal new-build``'s flags,
it takes an additional ``--repl-options`` flags.
To avoid ``ghci`` specific flags from triggering unneeded global rebuilds these
flags are now stripped from ``ghc-options``. As a result ``--ghc-options`` will
no longer (reliably) work to pass flags to ``ghci`` (or other repls). Instead,
you should use the new ``--repl-options`` flag to specify these options to the
invoked repl. (This flags also works on ``cabal repl`` and ``Setup repl`` on
sufficiently new versions)
Currently, it is not supported to pass multiple targets to ``new-repl``
(``new-repl`` will just successively open a separate GHCi session for
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