Commit b1b3d344 authored by Edward Z. Yang's avatar Edward Z. Yang
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Revert "Test for register --assume-deps-up-to-date"

This reverts commit c6c3f2c5.
parent e3b984fc
...@@ -263,9 +263,6 @@ extra-source-files: ...@@ -263,9 +263,6 @@ extra-source-files:
tests/PackageTests/ReexportedModules/p/p.cabal tests/PackageTests/ReexportedModules/p/p.cabal
tests/PackageTests/ReexportedModules/q/A.hs tests/PackageTests/ReexportedModules/q/A.hs
tests/PackageTests/ReexportedModules/q/q.cabal tests/PackageTests/ReexportedModules/q/q.cabal
tests/PackageTests/Regression/T3294/T3294.cabal tests/PackageTests/Regression/T3294/T3294.cabal
tests/PackageTests/Regression/T3847/Main.hs tests/PackageTests/Regression/T3847/Main.hs
tests/PackageTests/Regression/T3847/T3847.cabal tests/PackageTests/Regression/T3847/T3847.cabal
name: RegisterAssumeDepsUpToDate
license: BSD3
author: Edward Z. Yang
build-type: Simple
cabal-version: >=1.23
library q
exposed-modules: Q
build-depends: base
hs-source-dirs: q
default-language: Haskell2010
exposed-modules: P
build-depends: base, q
hs-source-dirs: .
default-language: Haskell2010
...@@ -570,26 +570,6 @@ tests config = do ...@@ -570,26 +570,6 @@ tests config = do
runInstalledExe' "myprog" [] runInstalledExe' "myprog" []
>>= assertOutputContains "aaa" >>= assertOutputContains "aaa"
-- Test register --assume-deps-up-to-date
mtc "RegisterAssumeDepsUpToDate" $ \step -> do
withPackageDb $ do
-- We'll test this by generating registration files and verifying
-- that they are indeed files (and not directories)
step "Initial build and copy"
cabal_build []
cabal "copy" []
step "Register q"
let q_reg = "pkg-config-q"
cabal "register" ["--assume-deps-up-to-date", "q", "--gen-pkg-config=" ++ q_reg]
pkg_dir <- packageDir
ghcPkg "register" [pkg_dir </> q_reg]
step "Register p"
let main_reg = "pkg-config-p"
cabal "register" ["--assume-deps-up-to-date", "RegisterAssumeDepsUpToDate", "--gen-pkg-config=" ++ main_reg]
ghcPkg "register" [pkg_dir </> main_reg]
-- Test error message we report when a non-buildable target is -- Test error message we report when a non-buildable target is
-- requested to be built -- requested to be built
-- TODO: We can give a better error message here, see #3858. -- TODO: We can give a better error message here, see #3858.
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