Commit b4317657 authored by Edward Z. Yang's avatar Edward Z. Yang
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Try harder not to runTestM twice when it can be avoided.

This fixes some "permission denied" failures on Windows,
but it would be a lot better to fix properly.  See the comment
in Test.Cabal.Monad for more details.

Signed-off-by: default avatarEdward Z. Yang <>
parent 99d0bdf7
......@@ -153,18 +153,37 @@ unexpectedSuccessExitCode = 66
setupAndCabalTest :: TestM () -> IO ()
setupAndCabalTest m = do
runTestM $ do
run_cabal <- runTestM $ do
env <- getTestEnv
have_cabal <- isAvailableProgram cabalProgram
skipIf (testSkipSetupTests env && not have_cabal)
when (not (testSkipSetupTests env)) $ do
if not (testSkipSetupTests env)
then do
liftIO $ putStrLn "Test with Setup:"
runTestM $ do
have_cabal <- isAvailableProgram cabalProgram
when have_cabal $ do
return have_cabal
else do
liftIO $ putStrLn "Test with cabal-install:"
withReaderT (\nenv -> nenv { testCabalInstallAsSetup = True }) m
return False
-- NB: This code is written in a slightly convoluted way
-- so as to ensure that 'runTestM' is only called once if
-- we are running without cabal, or running with
-- @--skip-setup-tests@. This is important on Windows,
-- where the second invocation of 'runTestM' will blow
-- away our previous working dir, but it doesn't work
-- on Windows Server 2012 because someone still has
-- a handle on the directory (permission denied.)
-- The CORRECT way to fix this problem is to allocate a
-- distinct working directory for setup versus Cabal. Would
-- nicely tie into to properly supporting "modes" as a thing
-- for test scripts (the idea is that a test script has a
-- number of modes which can be run separately as distinct
-- tests.)
when run_cabal $ do
liftIO $ putStrLn "Test with cabal-install:"
cabalTest m
setupTest :: TestM () -> IO ()
setupTest m = runTestM $ do
......@@ -189,7 +208,7 @@ cabalProgram = (simpleProgram "cabal") {
-- | Run a test in the test monad according to program's arguments.
runTestM :: TestM () -> IO ()
runTestM :: TestM a -> IO a
runTestM m = do
args <- execParser (info testArgParser mempty)
let dist_dir = testArgDistDir args
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