Commit b7437878 authored by md9ms's avatar md9ms
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Use unlines to make testPkgDesc more readable

parent 21defe06
......@@ -287,7 +287,26 @@ parseSpaceNotNewline = (satisfy isSpaceNotNewline <?> "space, not newline")
-- * Testing
-- ------------------------------------------------------------
#ifdef DEBUG
testPkgDesc = "-- Required\nName: Cabal\nVersion:\nLicense: LGPL\nCopyright: Free Text String\n-- Optional - may be in source?\nStability: Free Text String\nBuild-Depends: haskell-src, HUnit>=1.0.0-rain\nModules: Distribution.Package, Distribution.Version, Distribution.Simple.GHCPackageConfig\nMain-Modules: Distribution.Main\nC-Sources: not/even/rain.c, such/small/hands\nHS-Source-Dir: src\nExposed-Modules: Distribution.Void, Foo.Bar\nExtensions: {some known extensions}\nExtra-Libs: libfoo, bar, bang\nInclude-Dirs: your/slightest, look/will\nIncludes: /easily/unclose, /me\nOptions: ghc: -fTH, hugs: +TH"
testPkgDesc = unlines [
"-- Required",
"Name: Cabal",
"License: LGPL",
"Copyright: Free Text String",
"-- Optional - may be in source?",
"Stability: Free Text String",
"Build-Depends: haskell-src, HUnit>=1.0.0-rain",
"Modules: Distribution.Package, Distribution.Version, Distribution.Simple.GHCPackageConfig",
"Main-Modules: Distribution.Main",
"C-Sources: not/even/rain.c, such/small/hands",
"HS-Source-Dir: src",
"Exposed-Modules: Distribution.Void, Foo.Bar",
"Extensions: {some known extensions}",
"Extra-Libs: libfoo, bar, bang",
"Include-Dirs: your/slightest, look/will",
"Includes: /easily/unclose, /me",
"Options: ghc: -fTH, hugs: +TH"
testPkgDescAnswer =
PackageDescription {package = PackageIdentifier {pkgName = "Cabal",
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