Commit c1cc5200 authored by Mikhail Glushenkov's avatar Mikhail Glushenkov
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sandbox init: warn instead of dying if there's a cabal-dev sandbox.

Fixes #1472.
parent 03d12e64
......@@ -275,14 +275,14 @@ dumpPackageEnvironment verbosity _sandboxFlags globalFlags = do
-- | Entry point for the 'cabal sandbox-init' command.
sandboxInit :: Verbosity -> SandboxFlags -> GlobalFlags -> IO ()
sandboxInit verbosity sandboxFlags globalFlags = do
-- Check that there is no 'cabal-dev' directory.
-- Warn if there's a 'cabal-dev' sandbox.
isCabalDevSandbox <- liftM2 (&&) (doesDirectoryExist "cabal-dev")
(doesFileExist $ "cabal-dev" </> "cabal.config")
when isCabalDevSandbox $
die $
warn verbosity $
"You are apparently using a legacy (cabal-dev) sandbox. "
++ "To use native cabal sandboxing, please delete the 'cabal-dev' directory "
++ "and run 'cabal sandbox init'."
++ "Legacy sandboxes may interact badly with native Cabal sandboxes. "
++ "You may want to delete the 'cabal-dev' directory to prevent issues."
-- Create the sandbox directory.
let sandboxDir' = fromFlagOrDefault defaultSandboxLocation
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