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[skip ci] Say a bit more about vendoring in local packages, CC @winterland1989

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......@@ -413,7 +413,7 @@ default: ``./*.cabal``)
following forms:
1. They can specify a Cabal file, or a directory containing a Cabal
file, e.g., ``packages: Cabal cabal-install/cabal-install.cabal``
file, e.g., ``packages: Cabal cabal-install/cabal-install.cabal``.
2. They can specify a glob-style wildcards, which must match one or
more (a) directories containing a (single) Cabal file, (b) Cabal
......@@ -450,6 +450,22 @@ default: ``./*.cabal``)
specifying packages from an external version control.] (Not
All local packages are *vendored*, in the sense that if other packages
(including external ones from Hackage) depend on a package with the name
of a local package, the local package is preferentially used. This
motivates the default settings::
packages: ./*.cabal
optional-packages: ./*/*.cabal
...any package can be vendored simply by making a checkout in the
top-level project directory, as might be seen in this hypothetical
directory layout::
foo-helper/ # local package
unix/ # vendored external package
All of these options support globs. ``cabal new-build`` has its own glob
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