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......@@ -1924,6 +1924,21 @@ running ``setup haddock``. (TODO: Where does the documentation get put.)
Advanced global configuration options
.. cfg-field:: write-ghc-environment-files: always, never, or ghc-8.4.4+
:synopsis: Whether a ``.ghc.enviroment`` should be created after a successful build.
:default: ``ghc-8.4.4+``
Whether a `GHC package environment file <>`_
should be created after a successful build.
Defaults to creating them only when compiling with GHC 8.4.4 and
older (GHC 8.4.4 `is the first version <>`_ that supports the
``-package-env -`` option that allows ignoring the package
environment files).
.. cfg-field:: http-transport: curl, wget, powershell, or plain-http
:synopsis: Transport to use with http(s) requests.
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