Commit ccdec94b authored by Merijn Verstraaten's avatar Merijn Verstraaten
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Fix typo.

[ci skip]
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......@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@
* Add 'new-sdist' command (#5389). Creates stable archives based on
cabal projects in '.zip' and '.tar.gz' formats.
* Add '--repl-options' flag to 'cabal repl' and 'cabal new-repl'
commands. Passes it's arguments to the invoked repl, bypassing the
commands. Passes its arguments to the invoked repl, bypassing the
new-build's cached configurations. This assures they don't trigger
useless rebuilds and are always applied within the repl. (#4247,#5287)
* Add 'v1-' prefixes for the commands that will be replaced in the
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