Commit cf6b3ff4 authored by tuncer's avatar tuncer
Browse files use a subshell to build Cabal

This avoids the need to cd back.
parent 06b2f7e6
......@@ -416,9 +416,7 @@ do_Cabal_pkg () {
if need_pkg "Cabal" ${CABAL_VER_REGEXP}
echo "Cabal-${CABAL_VER} will be installed from the local Git clone."
cd ../Cabal
install_pkg ${CABAL_VER} ${CABAL_VER_REGEXP}
cd ../cabal-install
(cd ../Cabal && install_pkg ${CABAL_VER} ${CABAL_VER_REGEXP})
echo "Cabal-${CABAL_VER} is already installed and the version is ok."
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