Commit cfd2826b authored by Duncan Coutts's avatar Duncan Coutts
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Always use verbosity slient when calling hc-pkg dump

We don't want to contaminate the hc-pkg output with info/debug messages.
Coincidentally the messages that current ghc-pkg versions produce at
-v2 verbosity level do not cause a problem. There's no reason to expect
future versions to work that way however.
parent 93de01a1
......@@ -230,13 +230,15 @@ hideInvocation hcPkg verbosity packagedb pkgid =
dumpInvocation :: ConfiguredProgram
-> Verbosity -> PackageDB -> ProgramInvocation
dumpInvocation hcPkg verbosity packagedb =
dumpInvocation hcPkg _verbosity packagedb =
(programInvocation hcPkg args) {
progInvokeOutputEncoding = IOEncodingUTF8
args = ["dump", packageDbOpts packagedb]
++ verbosityOpts hcPkg verbosity
++ verbosityOpts hcPkg silent
-- We use verbosity level 'silent' because it is important that we
-- do not contaminate the output with info/debug messages.
packageDbStackOpts :: PackageDBStack -> [String]
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