Commit cff3021e authored by Duncan Coutts's avatar Duncan Coutts
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Remove unused listInstalledPackages, replaced by

parent 8b38e9c2
......@@ -15,7 +15,6 @@ module Hackage.Config
, savedConfigToConfigFlags
, configRepos
, configPackageDB
, listInstalledPackages
, defaultConfigFile
, loadConfig
, showConfig
......@@ -32,13 +31,10 @@ import Text.PrettyPrint.HughesPJ (text)
import Distribution.Compat.ReadP (ReadP, char, munch1, readS_to_P)
import Distribution.Compiler (CompilerFlavor(..), defaultCompilerFlavor)
import Distribution.Package (PackageIdentifier(..))
import Distribution.PackageDescription (ParseResult(..))
import Distribution.ParseUtils (FieldDescr(..), simpleField, listField, liftField, field)
import Distribution.Simple.Compiler (Compiler, PackageDB(..))
import Distribution.Simple.Configure (getInstalledPackages)
import Distribution.Simple.Compiler (PackageDB(..))
import Distribution.Simple.InstallDirs (InstallDirs(..), PathTemplate, toPathTemplate)
import Distribution.Simple.Program (ProgramConfiguration)
import Distribution.Simple.Setup (Flag(..), toFlag, fromFlag, fromFlagOrDefault)
import qualified Distribution.Simple.Setup as Cabal
import Distribution.Verbosity (Verbosity, normal)
......@@ -49,11 +45,6 @@ import Hackage.Utils (readFileIfExists)
import Distribution.Simple.Utils (notice, warn)
listInstalledPackages :: Verbosity -> PackageDB -> Compiler -> ProgramConfiguration -> IO [PackageIdentifier]
listInstalledPackages verbosity packageDB comp conf =
do Just ipkgs <- getInstalledPackages verbosity comp packageDB conf
return ipkgs
-- * Configuration saved in the config file
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