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Update the changelog for 0.8

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0.8.0 Duncan Coutts <> Dec 2009
* Works with ghc-6.12
* New "cabal init" command for making initial project .cabal file
* New feature to maintain an index of haddock documentation
0.6.4 Duncan Coutts <> Nov 2009
* Improve the algorithm for selecting the base package version
* Hackage errors now reported by "cabal upload [--check]"
* Improved format of messages from "cabal check"
* Config file can now be selected by an env var
* Updated tar reading/writing code
* Improve instructions in the README and bootstrap output
* Fix on Solaris 9
* Fix bootstrap for systems where network uses parsec 3
* Fix building with ghc-6.6
0.6.2 Duncan Coutts <> Feb 2009
* The upgrade command has been disabled in this release
* The configure and install commands now have consistent behaviour
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